Melatonin: Natural Remedy for Insomnia

Do you know that insomnia or sleep disorder is prevalent among Malaysians? Many people suffer from inability to fall asleep, or have their sleep interrupted by waking up frequently at night, or waking up too early and then finding it hard to go back to sleep.

Insomnia can be very distressing. Tossing and turning on the bed and staring at the clock ticking away certainly does not prepare one to face the responsibilities and work for the next day. You feel tired even before a new day starts. Persistent chronic insomnia not only affects your mental alertness, thereby affecting your work performance, but also affecting your health and quality of life.

Is there a remedy for insomnia? You must have heard many recommendations for home treatments for insomnia, such as exercise, avoidance of drinks like coffee and alcohol, drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed; and keeping away from blue light exposure form your hand phone, computer or TV, etc. But sad to say, some people might have faithfully adhered to theses practices and still find that they are not able to overcome their sleep disorders, particular among those who are of age. Sleep becomes more and more difficult as one enters old age; a good night’s rest has become a luxury. 

Fortunately for us in Malaysia, there are many natural supplements that can help to cure insomnia, one of them being melatonin. Taking melatonin as a supplement can help you regulate your sleeping hours. 

Though it is unfortunate that melatonin is a prescription drug in Malaysia, and cannot be purchased over-the-counter, the good news is, you can order online melatonin under various brands, such as 21st Century, Life Extension, MRM Nutrition, Natrol, Nature's Bount, Natural Factors, Now Foods, Solgar, etc., in the form of capsules, chewable tablets, gummies and liquid in different dosage at affordable prices, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

A word of caution, talk to your doctor first if you are taking certain medications or have some health issues. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the proper dosage of melatonin supplement that is appropriate and safe for you.

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